Eplsite Streams with Puffin Web Browser

EPLsite is now optimized for all iOS and Adnriod mobiles. While we are not affiliated with Puffin Web Browser, we have heard from many users that this App for iPhone/iPad & Andriod results in the ability to watch most Flash from our site.

Additional Info

Steps to Watch Streams on EPLsite:
  • Browse to a website just like the native Safari browser from Puffin Web Browser: (EPLsite)
  • Select Link/Video of Match From EPLsite Homepage
  • Once page loads, Puffin Web browser will show the video normally like you watch on desktop

Skyfire AppStore/iTunes Download Links:

Puffin Web Browser (iPhone)

Puffin Web Browser (iPad)

Puffin Web Browser (Andriod)

For more info visit Puffinbrowser.com